Data Governance

An organization’s data is one of the largest sources of value as well as risk.

In modern organisations, IT is embedded in every aspect of the organization. This enables organizations to be able to manage data throughout its lifecycle. Data governance is the function of managing the collection, aggregation, storage, usage and the retention of data. The goal is to develop effective strategies to maximize the value of data available to the organisation.

An organization’s data is one of the largest sources of value. It is also one of the largest sources of risk to an organisation. Managing the exponential growth of data is can be daunting. This is evidenced by the increase in latency, inaccuracy and security breaches. This has cost costing organizations millions of dollars in terms of direct and indirect cost over the last decade.

At Cytrax Consulting, we can help organisations understand what they require to establish effective governance over your data assets.

Our data governance offerings include:

  • An audit and assessment of current data governance practices.
  • Help organisations establish appropriate organisational structures and mature the data governance to their desired state.