Modern research is underpinned by complex infrastructures.  Building and operating these infrastructures require the coordination between skilled people, organisations, governments and research communities. We provide consultation services to enable this coordination to build eResearch infrastructure and services focused on meeting the complex needs of modern research. 

  • eResearch infrastructure strategy
    Recognising that infrastructure includes technology and people, we take a social architecture based approach to strategy that shape the social, institutional and economic landscape alongside the technology landscape.
  • Organisational transformation
    We specialise in working with eResearch projects that have outgrown its startup phase and wanting to transform into a more stable, and scalable operation. Our transformation and delivery approach focuses on your staff and developing an environment and culture that fosters flexible, business aligned work practices.
  • Data infrastructure strategy
    Development and implementation of interoperable data infrastructure strategies and initiatives.
  • Data and information security
    Recognising that research is a collaborative effort, increasingly at a global scale, we are able to help formulate data security strategies that balance the need for accessibility of data with the regulatory and privacy needs.