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When COVID-19 hit us, it threw the whole world into a state of chaos, and we are now faced with an uncertain future. We have a discontinuity, and mostly, we are unable to use our previous tools and methods to predict and develop scenarios of what the future would be like.

This is an experiment on collective storytelling and the insights it could provide. We are looking to collect the views of people, in story form, on what the post COVID-19 world would look like. By seeking the stories of what the future would look like from a broad collection of people, with (hopefully) diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, we are hoping it would provide us with a glimmer of how the future might actually play out.

There are a bunch of questions to provide context into your story, and we want to keep the stories brief enough to be quickly readable so try and limit it to 1000 words. Other than that, there is no constraints to what your story would be.

We invite you to participate in this activity by contributing your story at:

The value of collective storytelling is in its power to be used by everyone to shape the future. Therefore we are intending to make all of these stories available in the public domain for everyone to use and reuse. We working on the best way to make the data available. For now, the stories can be viewed through this dashboard:

Please note: As the data collected is intended to be made publicly available, any information you provide here will be publicly available. Therefore all the personally identifiable information collected is optional. While we hope you do provide accurate information to provide useful context to the stories, it is optional and you are under no obligation to provide it. On the current Google forms, the only metadata that is being collected is the timestamp of when the form was completed. If you do choose to provide your email address, we will use it to provide updates on this project. We may also use it to provide information on related topics, however will always provide an option to opt-out if you do not wish to get such information.